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Creating a Mobile First Website with AngularJS and Sass

by Zulfeekar Cheriyampurath

In this AngularJS tutorial, we'll learn the workflow of how to build a Mobile-first HTML5 website in Angular. Software required: Webstorm, Google Chrome.

What you'll learn

We'll learn how to create reusable components and directives as well as how to organize the code in an efficient way. We'll also go over creating pages and controllers, as well as animating our page views. By the end of the AngularJS training you'll have a clear understanding of how to create a mobile first website for your next project. Software required: Webstorm, Google Chrome.

About the author

Zulfeekar "Zulu" Cheriyampurath is a designer-turned-creative-technologist based in Oslo. He is currently working as a tech-lead at Isobar Norway. Some of Zulu's past clients include Adidas, Vespa, Piaggio, and Ferrari.

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