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Modern C++ Secure Coding Practices: Const Correctness

by Nick Cano

This course will show you attacks hackers use against C++ programs and teach you how const correctness can prevent many of the bugs these attacks leverage.

What you'll learn

Attackers often utilize small and otherwise unnoticed coding mistakes to hack applications. In this course, Modern C++ Secure Coding Practices: Const Correctness, you'll learn how these attacks take place and how you can prevent them from using const correctness. First, you'll take a look at how to properly handle pointers. Next, you'll discover how you can avoid accidentally assigning to variables. Finally, you'll explore strategies which can aid you in being const correct. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of const correctness that will help you move forward and write more secure and future-proof code.

Table of contents

Course Overview
What Is Const Correctness?
Bug Class: Control Flow Hijacking via Accidental Assignment
Const Correctness as a Best Practice

About the author

Nick Cano is the author of "Game Hacking: Developing Autonomous Bots for Online Games" (No Starch Press), a Senior Security Architect at Cylance, and a life-long programmer and hacker. Programming since the age of 12 and hacking games since the age of 15, Nick has a strong background with both software development and Reverse Engineering. Nick has been known for his conference talks, his open-source projects, his company which provides premium third-party software for online games, and helping s... more

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