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Aug 26, 2015
2h 38m

In this Tinkercad tutorial, we'll learn how to modify an existing design that may not be accessible as a CAD model specific to a software package. We'll review the process so you can import the design and its parts and separate them, then incorporate other designs as components of your own model. We'll be customizing a prosthetic to address cosmetic and minor functional changes. We'll also address scaling issues related to grafting one design onto another. By the end of this Tinkercad training, we'll convert the prosthetic to resemble an Iron Man glove. Software required: Tinkercad.

About the author
About the author

Samer has been extremely interested in things that fly since he was six years old.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction and Project Overview
Hi everyone. My name is Samer Najia. I'm an IT consultant for the federal government. My latest projects include custom three-dimensional printers and CNC machines. In this course, we're going to learn how to repurpose someone else's design and make it your own in Tinkercad. Some of the key takeaways from watching this course include learning how to graph various parts up to each other, address scaling issues when reusing someone else's design, and then graph portions of a component onto another all while turning a prosthetic hand into its ironman equivalent. By the end of the training, you will learn how to address the challenges of repurposing designs without having the original CAD source. I'm excited to share these tips and techniques with you. So let's get started with the first lesson.