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Creating Cartoon Characters in MODO and ZBrush

by Caetano Silva

MODO and ZBrush together form a powerful suite for creating cartoon characters. Learn how to create one from scratch, going through sculpting, retopology, UVs, texturing, lighting, shading, and rendering. Software required: MODO and ZBrush.

What you'll learn

Creating a cartoon character from scratch in 3D can be a difficult task. In this course, Creating Cartoon Characters in MODO and ZBrush, you will learn to do just that while creating your own cat-like charismatic character. First, you will learn how to start sculpting the model in ZBrush using Dynamesh and powerful modeling techniques. Next, you will go through all the steps needed to create efficient topology and UV maps in MODO. Finally, you will render a complete cartoon character with custom textures, surface details, and shaders with your own lighting setup in MODO. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only have a cool cartoon character in your hands, but you'll also have learned important 3D production skills that improve any creative workflow. Software required: MODO and ZBrush.

About the author

José Caetano de Campos Silva is a 3D artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He has been working with 3D illustration for about 10 years now, and in that time, he has managed to get some attention from around the world. His most prized accolade was a Bronze Cannes Lion in the press category for a Snickers campaign he illustrated. He also got features in both 3D Artist Magazine and 3D World Magazine as well as 2 pieces featured in Lurzer’s Archive Best 200 Illustrators, 2015 edition.

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