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Module Development for Drupal 7

by Michelle Lauer, Joe Shindelar and Angie Byron

Learn how to extend Drupal through coding custom modules.

What you'll learn

In this series you'll learn about tools and resources available for developers, the anatomy of a module, implementing some of the most common hooks, interacting with Drupal's menu system, creating and altering forms, and interacting with databases.

About the authors

Michelle Lauer started her Drupal adventures in 2006 and quickly became known for her incredible sense of detail while possessing the ability to see the big picture. These innate skills allowed Michelle to cultivate her specialty of site architecture and multi-phased deployments. In addition to custom module development and theming, she develops and implements the strategy for complex content architecture from the end-user experience to the manageability by website administrators.

Joe Shindelar is a web developer, teacher, and snowboarding enthusiast who has been building Drupal sites and participating in Drupal core development since 2006. In addition to teaching Drupal, he is the lead developer for Drupalize.Me. Joe is a sought-after presenter who has spoken at numerous conferences, Drupal camps, and events about everything from code-level development to user interface, design, and community involvement. Joe is also very active in the Drupal 7 issue queue where he has h... more

Angela "webchick" Byron is an Open Source evangelist who lives and breathes Drupal. She got her start as a Google Summer of Code student in 2005 and since then has completely immersed herself in the Drupal community. Her work includes core patch review, supporting community contributors, coordinating with the infrastructure team, and evangelizing Drupal. Angela is the lead author of O'Reilly's first Drupal book, Using Drupal, and a Drupal core maintainer.

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