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Moving Forward with Mongoose.js

by Mark Scott

Mongoose.js is one of the most popular Node.js libraries for MongoDB. In this course, you'll learn about updates and more advanced features of Mongoose.js 4. You'll also learn about some breaking changes you may encounter when moving forward.

What you'll learn

The core Node.js libraries that you use to develop web applications change often, and it may be challenging to keep up and implement those improvements. In this course, Moving Forward with Mongoose.js, you'll learn about breaking changes when upgrading from Mongoose version 3 to version 4. First, you'll dive into a whirlwind review of an introduction to Mongoose for Node.js and MongoDB course. Next, you'll build upon that review and you'll learn about updates and improvements in Mongoose version 4. Finally, you'll discover the latest features that Mongoose version 4 has to offer. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to move forward in Mongoose version 4, where to find additional information on all breaking changes, and have the knowledge to confidently utilize the new features, improvements, and more advanced topics.

About the author

Mark is an experienced software developer, architect, team lead, and manager with more than fifteen years of experience producing applications using object-oriented methodologies. For the majority of his professional career, he has been developing web-based applications in ASP.NET with SQL Server. More recently, he has become more comfortable with the whole open-source space, especially Node.js and MongoDB. Mark is the husband of a wonderful wife, and the father of triplet girls, and feels deepl... more

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