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Monitoring with AWS CloudTrail

by Chad Smith

Monitoring the service API usage in an AWS account is important from a security and auditing perspective. This course will teach several techniques for monitoring with CloudTrail and CloudWatch Logs using real world examples.

What you'll learn

Monitoring in the AWS ecosystem can cover a wider range of actions than an on-premise data center, including the ability to monitor the API events issued against your account. In this course, Monitoring with AWS CloudTrail, you'll learn how to integrate CloudTrail events with CloudWatch Logs through several real-world examples. First, you will learn about the CloudTrail entry format. Next, you will learn how to create metric filters. Finally, you will combine this knowledge into CloudWatch alarms and notifications. By the end of this course, you'll be able to identify opportunities for monitoring API events in your AWS account and effectively deploy metric filters with CloudWatch alarms for appropriate notifications and response.

About the author

Chad Smith is a unix guru by training, but has spent the last 5+ years immersed in AWS. He is certified in both Architecture and System Operations, as well as a certified AWS trainer. He has worked in many facets of industry, including academia, startups, construction, and large enterprises, holding various levels of responsibility within IT and technology.

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