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Jun 30, 2021
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Azure Kubernetes Services are a platform-as-a-service offering that provides you with a Kubernetes service in the Azure cloud and just like any other service, to operate it successfully, you need the skills to monitor and troubleshoot them. In this course, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Clusters and Workloads, you’ll learn to monitor AKS clusters and their workloads as well as how to troubleshoot issues during deployment and operation. First, you’ll explore how to monitor AKS using Azure Monitor. Next, you’ll discover how to use open source tools for additional monitoring and insights. Finally, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot problems with new and existing AKS deployments. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) needed to monitor and troubleshoot them.

About the author
About the author

Ben Weissman has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 6.5, mainly in the BI/Datawarehousing field. He is a Data Platform MVP, author and speaker at data events around the world.

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About the author

Anthony is a Principal Field Solution Architect at Pure Storage as well as a Pluralsight Author, a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Linux Expert, and Corporate Problem Solver. Anthony designs solutions, deploys the technology, and provides expertise on business system performance, architecture, and security. Anthony has a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science with research publications in high performance/low latency data access algorithms and spatial database systems.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
Hi, my name is Ben Weissman, founder and data passionist at Solisyon. Welcome to my course, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Azure Kubernetes Service Clusters and Workloads. Azure Kubernetes Service, being a managed service in Azure, natively integrates with Azure Monitor, which allows you to gain insights, monitor, and analyze your cluster and set up alerts. In addition to Azure Monitor with AKS being Kubernetes, you can also use open source solutions like Grafana and Kibana to keep track of events in your cluster. AKS being a managed service also means that you don't have direct access to every single component, as Microsoft takes care of them for you, so you may need to come with different approaches to narrow down and solve issues should they arise. This course is your fast track to understand monitoring and troubleshooting with Azure Kubernetes Services. Some of the major topics that we were cover include: integration of AKS with Azure Monitor, as well as with open source monitoring tools, common issues in Azure Kubernetes Services and how to approach them, as well as how your control planes and worker node's logfiles can be accessed and analyzed by the end of this course, you will know how to stay on top of events and issues within your AKS cluster. Before beginning this course, you should be familiar with the architecture and general concept of Azure Kubernetes Services, which we're also teaching as part of this learning path. I hope you will join me on this journey to learn more about AKS monitoring and troubleshooting with the Monitoring and Troubleshooting Azure Kubernetes Service Clusters and Workloads course, at Pluralsight.