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Motivating and Optimizing Team Performance

by Ron Schindler

Whether or not your team needs a performance boost, applying the motivational and optimizing factors of this course will bring people together, strengthen your team for the future, and help increase performance over and over.

What you'll learn

Teams that can’t find purpose or focus can fail over and over - no matter the management style. In this course, Motivating and Optimizing Team Performance, you will discover how to pull a team together and keep them motivated. First, you will explore how to bring people together regardless of their unique backgrounds. Then, you will define the type of workers they are to better apply motivational and optimizing factors. Finally, you will learn to recognize what drives individual team members and what keeps them motivated. After finishing this course, you will be able to optimize your team in a quantifiable way by bringing unity to a diverse group.

About the author

Ron is an experienced professional with in-depth expertise in corporate training, change management, communications, and facilitation. Skill set includes:Program Management, Change Management, SharePoint Site Administration, Project Management, Technology Infrastructure Expertise.

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