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October 21, 2013
3h 3m

In this series of Unity tutorials, we will learn how to create a multi-phase boss battle for a first person shooter. We will start out by learning how to set up our animated game boss for use with Mecanim in Unity. We'll learn how to properly import our boss's model, rig and animations. From there, we'll begin assembling the colliders needed to take and receive damage from the player. Then we'll jump into bringing our boss to life with scripting. We'll begin scripting the boss detection system that will be based on sight. Then we'll begin scripting the different states of the boss. Once we have the major framework of the boss's behavior, we'll begin tightening up the overall functionality by testing for any noticeable gaps in our logic. Then we'll wrap up the training by creating the boss health script that will bring the boss battle to an end. Software required: Unity 4.2.

About the author
About the author

Joshua is a devoted games author at Pluralsight. For years Joshua was a key author behind Digital-Tutors' (now a Pluralsight company) popular game engine training. As a kid, he had a passion for playing video games, which eventually developed into a fascination with the process of game creation. The question of "How'd they do that?" led Joshua on a quest to learn to make these games himself. Ever since then, Joshua has devoted his life to creating games, as well as teaching others to build their own fantastic video games.

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