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Muse CC Adaptive Layouts

by Matthew Pizzi

Making sure to create an adaptive layout is an essential part of the app development process. This course will teach you how to create mobile layouts for a website built with Muse CC. Software required: Muse CC.

What you'll learn

Nowadays, an app's functionality and design both need to be adapted for mobile phones. This course, Muse CC Adaptive Layouts, will show you how to create a unique mobile layout for a website built with Muse CC. Along the way you'll be taught best practices and common techniques used to create a successful layout. First, you'll learn how to copy elements from a desktop layout. Next, you'll discover how to add widgets for interactive elements. Finally, you'll learn how to test and publish your site to the web. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Muse CC to create well-designed and functional mobile apps. Software required: Muse CC.

About the author

Matthew Pizzi has over 20+ years in the training industry. He's currently Sr. Director of Developer and Product & Business Skills for Pluralsight and joined the company after Pluralsight acquired his company Train Simple. He's been a speaker at industry events like Adobe MAX and Social Media Week and has authored several technology books.

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