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Nagios Fundamentals

by Anju Dominic

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Nagios, enabling you with the ability to monitor a real IT infrastructure.

What you'll learn

Nagios is a monitoring system that is used by organizations to detect their infrastructure problems before they even start affecting their business. In this course, Nagios Fundamentals, you'll learn how to use Nagios to monitor your IT infrastructure. First, you’ll explore how to install Nagios and configure hosts and services to be monitored by Nagios. Next, you'll gain an understanding of notifications and alerts that are sent from Nagios to relevant contacts about the infrastructure problems. Finally, you’ll discover how to create a maintainable configuration with Nagios for a huge IT infrastructure. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have all the skills and knowledge for successfully performing monitoring with Nagios.

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About the author

Anju M Dominic is a well accredited professional corporate trainer and consultant in the field of DevOps . She has conducted over 100+ hands-on workshops across different product and service companies. She is currently the Principal consultant and founder of Quadralogics, a boutique training/consulting firm in DevOps. Anju is also well known for her contributions to technical articles which includes two books and several whitepapers in the field of software engineering. She is also a regular spe... more

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