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NativeScript: Animation Techniques

by Alex Ziskind

This course shows you when you are using NativeScript how to add animations to your applications using conventional framework based techniques, as well as unconventional tips and tricks.

What you'll learn

Learn how an app, built using NativeScript that is already in the Apple and Google App stores, can be enhanced by applying newly learned animation techniques using both code animation and CSS animation. In this course, NativeScript: Animation Techniques, you'll dive deeper into ways you can leverage the power of your environment to get beautiful animations with documented methods. First, you'll learn how to write plain JavaScript property animation code without frameworks. Next, you'll learn creating animation from sprite images using pure JavaScript. Then, you'll learn leveraging code-based animation classes and function that get shipped with NativeScript and Angular 2. Finally, you'll dive deep into the basics of CSS animation and applying them to your sample application and tapping into the raw power of Native platforms. By the end of this course, you'll know more about NativeScript with Angular and how to build beautiful animations for your mobile applications.

About the author

Alex Ziskind loves tinkering with the latest web and mobile technologies and gets giddy over the possibilities that the cloud brings to those fields. He's passionate about distributed systems and service oriented architecture. For the last 15 years, Alex has been developing software solutions for the enterprise as well as small startups trying to get off the ground. In the last 5 years, his Washington DC based company, Nuvious, has been involved in architecting and implementing cloud solutions o... more

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