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Navigating Generative AI Hurdles: Prototyping, Evaluation, and Ethics

by Ed Freitas

Unlock the power of generative AI responsibly. This course will teach you generative AI prototyping, evaluation concepts, principles, and ethical considerations.

What you'll learn

In this course, Navigating Generative AI Hurdles: Prototyping, Evaluation, and Ethics, you will learn how to prototype, evaluate, and apply ethical considerations and principles to generative AI.

First, you will explore how to gain insights into the significance of prototyping in generative AI app development.

You will learn about the prototyping process and its key steps and principles. The course provides abstract and generic examples and techniques for prototyping generative AI applications.

Next, you will discover how to delve into the importance of evaluating generative AI applications. You will also learn about the principles around evaluation methods for your generative AI application.

Finally, you will learn the ethical considerations surrounding generative AI. You will explore the ethical issues of generative AI, such as bias, privacy, and misuse. Critical ethical considerations like fairness, transparency, and accountability.

When you finish this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to navigate the hurdles in developing generative AI applications. By understanding the prototyping process, evaluation principles, and ethical considerations, you will be well-prepared to create, evaluate, and deploy generative AI applications responsibly and ethically.

About the author

Eduardo is a technology enthusiast, software architect and customer success advocate. He's designed enterprise .NET solutions that extract, validate and automate critical business processes such as Accounts Payable and Mailroom solutions for all types of organizations. He's designed and supported production systems for global names such as Coca Cola, Enel, Pirelli, Fiat-Chrysler, Xerox and many others. He's a well-known specialist in the Enterprise Content Management market segment, specifically... more

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