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New Features in NUKE 7.0

by Chris Glick

With almost two years of development time, NUKE 7.0. Software required: NUKE 7.0v1.

What you'll learn

With almost two years of development time, NUKE 7.0 brings with it many new features and nodes. Understanding these new workflows is a key factor to being a successful compositor. This is a large release, so this series of NUKE tutorials will cover the most important new features that you can use today to speed up your work and create beautiful new effects! We will start the training by learning how to use the new navigation features of bookmarks and the J hotkey to quickly move around our node graph and find exactly the area we're looking for. From there we will learn how to use keyframe tracking in the tracker node to speed up our track. We will also learn how to use the Traffic Light system to evaluate weak parts of our track. Next, we will dive in to the great new ZDefocus node, which allows us to create realistic depth-of-field blur with bokeh effects. We'll learn how to set up the node with our image and depth, how we can change our filter types, and even how to plug-in a new filter to create chromatic aberration effects. Finally, we will learn how to use the Relight node with some 3D data images, and how to use NUKE's 3D lighting system to change our image with realistic lighting. Software required: NUKE 7.0v1.

About the author

Along with creating and recording training, he also used to manage the support team and work closely with the production development team at Digital-Tutors, now a Pluralsight company. He began his career working freelance and quickly realized that he wanted to find a company where he could use his talents to help people succeed in the CG industry. Chris has likely watched more Pluralsight creative training than anyone on the planet, and its evidenced by his Einstein-sized brain and encyclopedic... more

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