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ng-conf '19: Amazing Backends for Angular Devs with NestJS

by ng-conf

Amazing Backends for Angular Devs with NestJS | Ely Lucas

What you'll learn

Your front end is killer. It’s jacked up with Angular and powered by TypeScript. You got well-defined services, slim components, and pipes that make your data shine. How about your backend? Take your existing skills and make amazing backends with NestJS! Nest is a framework that embraces TypeScript and the power of Node. With it, you can write your backends in a style that feels similar to writing Angular apps, but also embraces modern MVC architectures found in other popular backend frameworks. And since it is based on Node and Express, you benefit from the deep ecosystem of libraries found there.

In this workshop, we will dive into how using TypeScript for server-side apps helps us scale our development and keeps the code base uniform from front to back. We will see how the Nest framework helps us improve code quality and reduce complexity. Best of all, will go over how to create an API that can be consumed from our Angular apps.

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Amazing Backends for Angular Devs with NestJS

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