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ng-conf '19: A Deep Look at Angular Elements

by ng-conf

A Deep Look at Angular Elements | Manfred Steyer

What you'll learn

New web technologies and frameworks are being released all the time. This is exciting – and overwhelming. Framework-independent web components provide a remedy for this dilemma!

This interactive workshop shows you in depth how you can create, build and deploy web components with Angular Elements. After a short look at the basics, we investigate Shadow DOM, lazy loading, (not) using zone.js and consequences for change detection, content projection with slots and component communication, needed polyfills as well as strategies for effective bundling and sharing dependencies. You also see how Angular Elements can be used togehter with Ivy to reduce bundle size.

As we use Stackblitz and a prepared GitHub repo with several branches, we can frequently switch between short presentations, live coding and exercises. This makes sure you can learn as much as possible in the time available.

Come with your laptop to this workshop and see how exciting the combination of Angular and web components is!

About the author

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