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ng-conf '19: Crash Course: Angular and ngRx

by ng-conf

Crash Course: Angular and ngRx | Aspen Payton

What you'll learn

This is a hands-on workshop that teaches participants how to structure an Angular application to use ngRx for state management. When I set out to learn ngRx a year ago, I found a lot of high-level discussion of the Redux pattern and a variety of very specific code examples but struggled to find an education that laid out the pattern from beginning to end with fully functional examples. That is what I intend to provide through this workshop.

We will be working with a starter project and existing HTML. We will set up the state for the application, walk through creating a basic action and reducer, wire up the action and reducer in our app, and dispatch the action from a component so we can see it working in the app. From here, we can walk through the pattern again introducing additional complexity by passing a payload into action and creating an action with an effect. Participants will end the workshop with a simple but fully functional application using ngRx.

About the author

ng-conf is the world’s largest conference devoted specifically to Angular.

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