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Introduction to NLP for Data Practitioners

by Mihaela Danci

Have you ever wondered how virtual assistants understand voice commands or how social media deciphers sentiments? This course will teach you how to extract insights from text data by executing an end-to-end NLP pipeline.

What you'll learn

Besides deriving meaningful insights from data such as discerning the sentiments expressed in text, natural language processing (NLP) unlocks the potential of task automatization by facilitating the development of chatbots and language translation systems.

In this course, Introduction to NLP for Data Practitioners, you’ll gain the ability to extract insights from text data.

First, you’ll understand what NLP is and some of the most common applications.

Next, you’ll discover fundamental aspects of human language and the common NLP libraries.

Finally, you’ll learn how to execute an end-to-end NLP pipeline, from text acquisition to analysis. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of NLP needed to get started processing and analyzing text data.

About the author

As a data analyst enthusiast, Mihaela has special interests in translating vision into action using end-to-end data analysis. She is very passionate about teaching and resolving real-world business problems. Her greatest joy is learning new data exploration techniques and pushing the boundaries of data analytics. Mihaela has a bachelor’s degree in economic cybernetics and in her spare time she loves to travel and dance.

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