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Node.js 12: The Big Picture

by Paul O'Fallon

Curious if Node.js is right for you? In this course we look at how Node is commonly used, examine its asynchronous development model, explore leveraging the npm module ecosystem, and assemble a set of tools to help get you started on your journey!

What you'll learn

In this course, Node.js 12: The Big Picture, we begin with the places you'll commonly find Node being used, its technology origins, and a brief history of the project. We then examine what it means to write asynchronous code, and how Node both expects and embraces this approach with its own APIs and constructs. From there, we look at how to both modularize your own application code as well as leverage Node's vast 3rd party module ecosystem via npm. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion on assembling your own "tool belt" of Node.js tools and strategies to jump start your journey.

About the author

As an Enterprise Architect by day, Paul is responsible for providing strategic direction and implementation guidance in the application architecture space. As an open-source contributor by night, he has published several node.js modules, and submitted numerous pull requests for others’ projects. Paul has more than 19 years in the Information Technology industry spanning academic, start-up and enterprise environments. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, two kids and one dog.

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