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Developing GUI-based Tools for Production in NUKE

by Simon Jokuschies

This is a practical Python and NUKE course that illustrates intermediate Python and NUKE techniques to create production-driven GUI plug-ins for NUKE. Software required: NUKE 8 or greater, PyCharm 4 or greater.

What you'll learn

NUKE provides a function called “tool-sets” to insert node collections into your node graph. Unfortunately this works only on a single workstation and NUKE doesn’t provide functionality to share tool-sets among multiple artists in a network. In this course, Developing GUI Based Tools for Production in NUKE, you'll learn in great detail how to develop GUI-based tools for production in NUKE. First, you'll learn about the different GUI options provided inside NUKE. Next, you'll be shown how to set up a clean plug-in structure. Then, you'll learn how to work efficiently by outsourcing your code into multiple modules. Finally, you'll develop the core functionality and helper functions for the plug-in. By the end of this course, you'll have a good understanding of how to plan, structure, and program your own plug-ins for NUKE. Software required: NUKE 8 or greater, PyCharm 4 or greater.

About the author

Simon Jokuschies is a compositing artist and technical director and is home in both worlds being an artist and a programmer. After graduating in 2012 he has been working as a compositor and compositing TD for the commercial and feature film industry. He has been programming with multiple programming languages for over a decade. By creating "cragl vfx tools" ( Simon started his own brand of developing commercial plugins for NUKE to simplify, automate and accelerate every days compos... more

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