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Relighting Live Action Footage in NUKE

by Pranjal Choudhary

In this course, you will be relighting an entire stadium in NUKE. You will use NUKE's advanced 2.5D relighting techniques to create custom lighting passes and then combine them with your live-action plate. Software required: NUKE.

What you'll learn

In this course, Relighting Live Action Footage in NUKE, you will learn to use 2.5D techniques to efficiently relight a stadium. First, this course walks you through the steps of generating AOV passes and using them in conjunction with NUKE's lights to generate lighting passes. Next, you'll learn useful tricks like generating tracks using position data and Google Maps to scale the 3D-tracked scene. You will also use 2D textures to create your own animated crowd with camera flashes, and see how you can light and render your own CG in NUKE. Lastly, you will finish the shot by creating some digital banners and tracking them in. By the end of the course, you will have an extensive knowledge of 2.5D relighting and its application on live-action footage. Software required: NUKE.

About the author

Pranjal started as a 3D Generalist at a small firm and then studied Visual Effects at Seneca College. Just to push himself he also got a diploma in Arts and Design. Right now he work for Rocket Science VFX. Every day at the job is a learning day. Its a discipline where you constantly have to keep evolving. When he is not doing Visual Effects, he loves playing guitar as it relaxes his mind. Sometimes he writes music also.

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