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Working with the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet in NUKE

by Nína Cohagen

Understanding animation and the tools that come with it will save you hours in your compositing work. This course will teach you the basics of animation in NUKE, as well as how to use the inbuilt animation tools, the Curve Editor and the Dope Sheet.

What you'll learn

Animation is a useful skill that can easily be applied to further enhance your compositing work in NUKE. Some practical applications include incorporating filmed footage into your plate, animating a Roto node, causing items to appear or disappear, and creating custom made animation tools. In this course, Working with the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet in NUKE, you'll be introduced to some of the most efficient animation tools you can utilize in NUKE when creating your own animations. First, you'll discover how to build a foundation by learning the basic principles of animation. Next, you'll explore how to create an animation inside of NUKE, and how to take full advantage of the powerful inbuilt animation tools, the Curve Editor and the Dope Sheet. Finally, you'll dive into some amazing ways to read, analyze, and manipulate existing animations to suit your needs. By the end of this course, you'll have a a solid understanding of the basics of NUKE, and will be able to effectively utilize the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet to create and edit your own animations. Software required: NUKE.

About the author

Nína Cohagen is an Icelandic lighting and compositing artist currently based in London working for Blue Zoo Studio on TV series including Tree Fu Tom and Go Jetters. She has a background in multimedia, having worked as a graphic designer for a national broadcasting company, as well as designing visual material for artists and musicians (music videos, album artwork, and print exhibitions). Experienced in both Maya and Nuke, her main passion has been working in animation creating beautiful images ... more

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