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Matchmoving in NUKEX

by Michael Raphaelovich

This course will teach you how to matchmove a shot in NUKEX, export the results into Maya, and continue the workflow there. Software required: NUKEX, Maya 2017.

What you'll learn

Have you ever needed to matchmove a shot but didn't know how? Then this course is perfect for you. In this course, Matchmoving in NUKEX, you'll see how to take a shot and bring it into NUKEX. First, in you'll discover how to track the footage and solve a 3D camera within NUKE's 3D space. Next, you'll explore how to set the coordinate system and export to Maya, along side the undistorted footage. Finally, you'll bring in the exported scene and set fit it so it'll match the 3D space in Maya. By the end of this course, you'll understand how to track footage and be able to work on the shot in NUKEX and Maya. Software required: NUKEX, Maya 2017.

About the author

Michael Raphaelovich is a Matchmove artist, Visual Effects compositor and a film editor. Right after his graduation with a masters degree at the end of 2007, he found work as a compositor in Burbank, California. Among the Commercials he worked on, he also was a junior compositor on the 2008 Movie “Red Sands” and on the TV show “The Middleman”. After getting back to the San Francisco Bay Area, he continued to work as a film editor, VFX matchmover, and a compositor on various projects and independ... more

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