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Object-oriented PHP: Essential Constructs

by Daryl Wood

A start to object-oriented PHP that will take a student from concept to a working form generator application.

What you'll learn

A tour of object-oriented constructs in the PHP language including classes, objects, properties, and methods. The course details the construction of objects and how to use them to contain and define real software models. A form generator application is included that generates a form, receives the request with form data, processes the form data by passing it through a series of validation classes, finally returning a response. The complete request/response cycle is walked through.

About the author

Daryl Wood is a certified software engineer and architect, web technology consultant, instructor, author, and technical writer. He is the CTO of, Inc., a web services company. He founded TimberWood Custom Homes, Inc. and worked as a custom home designer/builder for many years. He has taught architectural design/build software to other builders and architects. He has worked as an aircraft mechanic, applications specialist and technical writer for a major airline. He has an FAA air... more

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