Object Oriented Programming in Salesforce

by Irena Miziolek

The Salesforce Lightning Platform provides incredible flexibility and extensibility through configurations and the Salesforce coding language, Apex. This course will teach you how to apply object-oriented principles using Salesforce Apex.

What you'll learn

Even though Salesforce Lightning and Javascript are widely used, at its core, Salesforce applications still use Apex, an Object-oriented programming language similar to Java. In this course, Object Oriented Programming in Salesforce, you’ll learn to apply the principles of object-oriented programming in Apex. First, you’ll explore object-oriented concepts and mechanisms, and their application in Apex. Next, you’ll discover unique Apex language features, such as sharing controls and custom exceptions. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply your understanding of Apex object-oriented constructs in a typical Salesforce context, such as triggers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Object Oriented Programming in Salesforce needed to develop modular, maintainable, and resilient Apex code.

About the author

Irena Miziolek has been working on the Salesforce platform since 2008, and holds multiple Salesforce certifications including technical architect and advanced developer. Since achieving the architect certification in 2011, she has been helping Salesforce develop training materials and certification exams for the architect path, all while still implementing projects for her day job. Irena is a classically trained developer with a .NET background and has plenty of stories to share from years in th... more

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