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Occasionally Connected Windows Mobile Apps: Collaboration

by Michael Perry

Mobile apps that work offline as well as online present an interesting set of challenges. Use immutable data structures, historical models, MVVM, and pub/sub to build apps that help people work and play together.

What you'll learn

Rich, compelling mobile applications bring users closer to their data. They respond quickly, even if the network connection is slow or unavailable. They help users to collaborate with one another: a change made on one device by one user is automatically visible on other devices. And when something goes wrong, they help the user recognize the problem and correct it. Your users expect more from their mobile apps; build one that they will love.

About the author

Software is math. Michael L Perry has built upon the works of mathematicians like Bertrand Meyer, James Rumbaugh, and Donald Knuth to develop a mathematical system for software development. He has captured this system in a set of open source projects, Update Controls and Correspondence. As a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises, he applies mathematical concepts to building scalable and robust enterprise systems. You can find out more at

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