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Occasionally Connected Windows Mobile Apps: Enterprise LOB

by Michael Perry

Build mobile apps that work well offline and integrate them with an enterprise system. See how to handle security, messaging, and synchronization for enterprise mobile apps.

What you'll learn

Mobile apps that are still functional while offline present a challenge. But when those apps represent the business of an enterprise, the challenges multiply. Build upon the patterns that we learned for creating collaborative occasionally-connected mobile apps for Windows, and extend them to integrate with a back end database. Represent the complex state-transitions and workflows of a business system. Identify security boundaries and federate authentication to Active Directory. When you are finished with this course, you will have all the tools you need to build a robust business application that works as well offline as it does online.

About the author

Software is math. Michael L Perry has built upon the works of mathematicians like Bertrand Meyer, James Rumbaugh, and Donald Knuth to develop a mathematical system for software development. He has captured this system in a set of open source projects, Update Controls and Correspondence. As a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises, he applies mathematical concepts to building scalable and robust enterprise systems. You can find out more at

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