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OCP 12c Enhancements for the DBA

by Tim Boles

Oracle is the most widely used database in the world. This course will introduce the new 12c features for monitoring the database and the ones that make administration easier for the DBA.

What you'll learn

With each release of Oracle there comes new features and enhancements. In this course, OCP 12c Enhancements for the Database Administrator, you'll learn the new monitoring and administration features of Oracle 12c database. First, you'll discover how to perform real-time monitoring and diagnosis utilizing real-time ADDM, the ASH Analytics page, and the Emergency Monitoring tool. Then, you'll explore of the new data load capabilities of Oracle utilities, like Oracle Data Pump, external tables, and SQL*Loader. Finally, you'll learn about the new enhancements that make it easier to perform administration tasks such as monitoring DDL statements and performing maintenance on partitions. When you're finished with this course, you'll be one step closer to having all the skills and knowledge to pass the OCP 12c Upgrade Certification exam 1z0-060. Software required: Oracle 12.1.0.x database.

About the author

Tim Boles is an Oracle Database Administrator with over 18 years experience. He has worked with every version of Oracle since version 7. His professional specialties include Operations and Management in high value systems, Oracle database backup & recovery and providing database managed services to clients.

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