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Jul 15, 2015
2h 59m

In this course, we will go through Office 365 from licensing, installation, configuration, monitoring and more. We will use exam type questions on each review and a final full review of all question to help you get ready for success.

About the author
About the author

Jeff previously worked at Microsoft for over 8 years in MSIT going through multiple release cycles of SharePoint, Exchange, Groove, Office and Lync.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Setup Telemetry and Reporting
Welcome back. In this section what we're going to talk about is setting up telemetry and reporting. Now before we talk all about what those are, first things first, we need to know what our exam requirements are. So our exam requirements are going to be fairly straightforward for this one. They're going to be enable telemetry through Group Policy, set up telemetry service, report user issues, and deploy agent. Now it's not going to be done in those exact steps, but before we talk about that, remember this URL? Okay, I've said lots about it. Enough said here. Let's continue on. So we're going to go over the following components: What we're going to do is we're going to talk about what is Office Telemetry because there's no reason for us go jumping in both feet first into it without knowing what it does. Once we've completed that, then we'll jump right in. We'll get our feet wet, we'll make sure that we know how to set it up from beginning to end, and then we'll move onto installing the telemetry agents. From our agents we're going to go forward into getting our Group Policy configured, and then with all that said and done we can start doing our reporting. Now, that's great we've got all that. Then we'll compile all that knowledge, and we'll head forward into our review. Just like we've done a couple times before, we're going to go in with some questions and some answers, and we're going to look over them, and we're going to finalize our review that way. Alright, what we're going to do now is head straight into what is Office Telemetry. Let's go find out what this actually is.

Plan for Office Clients
Welcome back, and thanks for joining me again. In this section what we're going to do is we're going to go over planning for Office clients, so let's check out the exam requirements right off the bat. So the exam requirements are listed as Outlook, Lync client, Office on Demand, Office Web Apps, and Click-to- Run versus MSI. And of course, like we've always talked about, here's the link to go check out. Alright, let's go actually jump in and talk about what we're going to be doing. So first and foremost we're going to go over the following components: We're going to go over MSI versus Click-to-Run. We're going to look over what each one is and then how they actually compare against each other. From there we're going to go over for planning for Outlook, and we're also going to do the same thing for Lync client as well. Then we're going to talk about Office on Demand. For those of you who know what Office on Demand is, just bear with me. We'll talk more about what it is, what is happening to it, and so on from there. On the next one we're going to talk about Office Web Apps. For those of you who are used to using SharePoint, Office Web Apps is something you've seen since 2010. Now, however, it's available across the board because it's been separated from SharePoint, and we'll talk about kind of like what Office in the browser is. And we'll do what we always do. We'll then get in there, we will do a review, and we'll go over some Q&A at that point. Alright, without further ado, let's go in and talk about MSI versus Click-to-Run.