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Enabling Office 365 (70-347) Exchange Online (End User and Planning)

by Jeff Adkin

Discover Microsoft Exchange Online as an email-hosting platform. You'll learn about all its components, including office 365 Compliance center, managing contacts, and more. This course will also prep you for the 70-347 Enabling Office 365 Services exam.

What you'll learn

Microsoft's Exchange Online is one of the most popular hosted email platforms for businesses today. In this course, Enabling Office 365 (70-347) Exchange Online (End User and Planning), you will learn about Exchange online while preparing yourself for the 70-347 Enabling Office 365 Services exam. First, you'll learn about planning and managing Office 365 Compliance Center as well as mailbox migration. Next, you'll learn how to configure additional email addresses, creating and managing external contacts and resource mailboxes, and configuring personal archive policies. Finally, you'll learn how to manage anti-malware and anti-spam policies and in the end you'll walk through a mini-exam. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of Exchange Online and how to use it to your business advantage, and you'll also be better prepared for the 70-347 exam.

About the author

Jeff previously worked at Microsoft for over 8 years in MSIT going through multiple release cycles of SharePoint, Exchange, Groove, Office and Lync. As an avid fan of education, he graduated with his Bachelor of Education and began working between his 2 loves of teaching and technology. He has taught at multiple Fortune 500 companies and government agencies and spoke at numerous tech events.

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