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Starting Your Journey with Office 365 Administration

by Ron Schindler

This course takes you through what the cloud is, and how Office 365 can help your organization take advantage of being in the cloud.

What you'll learn

With so many settings, at first glance, Office 365 can be overwhelming. In this course, Starting Your Journey with Office 365 Administration, you will learn foundational knowledge of Office 365 and the cloud. First, you will learn why you should be in the cloud. Next, you will discover the main components of Office 365. Finally, you will explore how to use Office 365 to enhance your business. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Office 365 needed to administer your organization from the cloud.

About the author

Ron is an experienced professional with in-depth expertise in corporate training, change management, communications, and facilitation. Skill set includes:Program Management, Change Management, SharePoint Site Administration, Project Management, Technology Infrastructure Expertise.

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