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Connecting On-prem Resources to Your AWS Infrastructure

by David Clinton

There's more than one way to build an enhanced network connection between your local infrastructure and the resources you've got running within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud. This course will introduce you to some connectivity best practices.

What you'll learn

You've already got data and applications running within your AWS Virtual Private Clouds, but local resources and admins still need a way to safely and efficiently connect. In this course, Connecting On-prem Resources to Your AWS Infrastructure, you'll learn how to build enhanced connections directly into a VPC. First, you'll learn how to assess AWS's premium Direct Connect service to see if your needs justify the significant investment. Then, you'll explore creating a managed VPN connection using AWS's own tools. Finally, you'll discover how to build your own VPN within your VPC using the OpenVPN Access Server. When you're done with this course, you'll be well prepared to match the best connectivity solution to your particular needs and budget and to effectively bridge the AWS-local network gap.

About the author

David Clinton is an AWS Solutions Architect and a Linux server administrator. He's written books on cloud and Linux administration, IT security, and data analytics.

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