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Onshape Essentials: Designing Molded and Casted Parts

by Jason Durfee

Onshape is the greatest CAD system to be created. This course will teach you several key essential features in Onshape. Required Software: Onshape.

What you'll learn

Having the knowledge to create in CAD is an essential need for engineers and designers. In this course, Onshape Essentials: Designing Molded and Casted Parts, you'll learn some very good key features in Onshape. First, you'll explore the feature patterns. Next, you'll learn about the features shells and drafts. Finally, you'll discover the features mirror and hole. By the end of this course, you'll know how to create and use these features in depth. Required Software: Onshape.

About the author

Jason Durfee is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years in the automotive industry and enjoys using CAD. He has worked with many different CAD systems including Onshape, Solidworks, UG, Ideas, and several proprietary systems.

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