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Onshape: Multi-body Part Design

by Jomarc Baquiran

Multi-body part modeling is a powerful pre-assembly technique that is highly usesful in creating assemblies. In this course, you will model a remote controller to demonstrate the real world application of multi-body part design. Software required: A web-browser and Onshape.

What you'll learn

A Multi-body part consists of multiple solid bodies that are not dynamic. It can contain a file with complete parametric information, and all dimensions and constraints are controlled on the sketch level. Best of all, it can only be one file to update with any required changes. In this course, Onshape: Multi-body Part Design, you'll create fast and intelligent assemblies with multi-body part modeling. First, you'll learn how to create multiple bodies with the extrude command. Next, you'll learn how to preform boolean operations to refine the shape of your bodies. Finally, you'll learn how to turn bodies into an assembly. After completing this project based course, you will be armed with a new arsenal to create powerful assemblies. Software required: A web-browser and Onshape.

About the author

Since 2007, Jomarc E. Baquiran has been a passionate Mechanical Design Engineer and CAD Evangelist. Jomarc has heart for helping out less fortunate students, he can be seen everywhere conducting CAD workshops. In regards to education, his main goals are to inject CAD into curriculum and stay up-to-date with current technologies. As an engineer, Jomarc is relentless to find solutions to make our world a better place. He currently sits on the board of SIGGRAPH Manila and works as a training manage... more

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