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Onshape - Using and Editing Imported Geometry in Your Designs

by Mitch Pricer

In this course, you'll utilize Onshape, the latest in cloud based CAD technology, to import a set of gears and use them within a single part studio to create an entire open differential model and assembly. Software required: Onshape.

What you'll learn

This course, Onshape - Using and Editing Imported Geometry in Your Designs, is aimed at beginners to OnShape and will utilize a single part studio and assembly tab for the design. First, you'll learn importing existing geometry into Onshape and how to place and position that imported geometry into a single part studio. Next, you'll learn how to edit geometry and incorporate it in to your design. Finally, you'll be creating an animated assembly which will make use of gear relations. By the end of this course, you'll be comfortable working with imported geometry in Onshape and the basic workflows associated with design in Onshape including assemblies. Software required: Onshape.

About the author

Mitch became interested in and started pursuing a career as an Industrial designer in college, and has since grown to be fascinated by the possibilities with 3D printing. Ever since first discovering CAD in college, Mitch has been an avid user and has had the opportunity to try many different software packages…as well as doing the occasional sculpt in ZBrush. With over 10,000 hours of 3D printing experience, he started his own company, Mitch Pricer Designs LLC, with the goal of bringing 3D print... more

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