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Open Source Cloud: Executive Briefing

by Pinal Dave

This course will explore current eco-system of open source cloud and help you select the best possible option for your organizations.

What you'll learn

Learning to select the best possible option for open source cloud computing can be difficult. In this course, Open Source Cloud: Executive Briefing, you’ll learn how you can get started with Open Source Cloud in your organizations. First, you’ll explore what Open Source means in the cloud world. Next, you’ll discover the current available options for Open Source Cloud. Finally, you’ll learn how to select the best Open Source Cloud for different organizations. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Open Source Cloud needed to help your organizations on the cloud journey.

About the author

Pinal Dave is an SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert and independent consultant with over 21 years of hands-on experience. He holds a Master of Science degree and numerous database certifications. Pinal has authored 14 SQL Server database books and 61 Pluralsight courses. To freely share his knowledge and help others build their expertise, Pinal has also written more than 5,700 database tech articles on his blog at

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