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OpenAI: Prompt Engineering for Business Professionals

by Jason Alba

ChatGPT can make you a more effective and efficient business professional. This course will teach you how to optimize ChatGPT prompts to get the most valuable and helpful responses to impact your work.

What you'll learn

ChatGPT is one of the most valuable business tools you have at your fingertips, but getting the most value out of it can take some fine-tuning. In this course, OpenAI: Prompt Engineering for Business Professionals, you’ll learn to get results from ChatGPT that will help you do your job better. First, you’ll explore ideas of how business professionals are using ChatGPT with examples of prompts you might use. Next, you’ll discover how to optimize your prompts through various optimization tactics. Finally, you’ll learn how to use ChatGPT for more than just getting information. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of using ChatGPT as a business professional needed to get value out of this immensely popular tool.

About the author

Jason Alba has been a Pluralsight Author since 2012, specializing in soft skills and professional development. He started his IT career as an intern developing tools for a robust intranet. He transitioned to an IT manager at another company where his job included web development as well as other IT functions. After an acquisition Jason became VP and then general manager at a newly formed tech company. He founded and manages, a CRM for job seekers. Jason has authored three books.... more

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