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OpenStack: Managing Identities and Objects

by Andrew Mallett

OpenStack administrators are in short supply. This course will help you gain your Certified OpenStack Administrator certification, and of course aid in understanding OpenStack management.

What you'll learn

OpenStack administrators are in short supply. In this course, OpenStack: Managing Identities and Objects, you'll develop an understanding of OpenStack management. At the core of OpenStack is Keystone, the identity service. First, you'll begin with a detailed look at managing Keystone Identities and setting up the V3 API. Next, with identities mastered, you'll discover Glance and creating your own Master Images. Additionally, you'll learn how to create multiple Cinder back-ends so you can allow the users to choose their storage type. Virtual machines may also need additional volumes which are provisioned by Cinder. Finally, you'll explore Swift, which allows files and other objects to be stored in the cloud. Understanding these major OpenStack services will have you on your way to mastering OpenStack. By the end of the course, you'll be efficient in working with Keystone, Swift, Cinder, and Glance OpenStack services.

About the author

Andrew is an all around Linux professional with in depth knowledge of the OS and this is supported with scripting in bash, perl, python and ruby and application development in C, C++ and Java. Having worked for many years in training, Andrew has developed automated course build systems after endless time wasted on Friday nights. The first build system he built was aptly named "Friday nights." This has inspired his interest in all things deployment related. He has authored training courses on M... more

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