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Network Analysis with OPNsense

by Brian Dorr

This course will teach you how to install and perform basic network analysis using the various plugins and packages with OPNsense.

What you'll learn

Visibility into your network is essential to effectively discover or defend against attacks. Threat actors have a similar goal to gather as much intelligence as they can about their target network. The difference is an attacker will use that to plan an attack while a defender will use it to try and prevent or discover an attack. In this course, Network Analysis with OPNsense, you'll cover how to utilize OPNsense Firewall to secure a live enterprise environment. First, we’ll discuss installation methods and some basic features of OPNsense, and navigate the user interface to show and install the plugs-in and packages we need to conduct analysis. Next, we will configure Netflow v9, ntop, Suricata, and Zenarmor. Finally, we will use these tools to perform basic network analysis, highlighting the capabilities and differences of each. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to detect Active Scanning (T1595) and Network Service Discovery (T1046) using OPNsense with Netflow, Suricata, and Zenarmor (Sensei) to effectively recommend mitigations and appropriate response actions.

About the author

Brian Dorr is a cybersecurity professional who is very passionate about information security and teaching. Brian has served just under 20 years on Active Duty in the Army and is currently serving as a Cyber Warfare Technician who is a technical advisor and serves as a Defensive Cyber Infrastructure support for 12 teams who rely on him for his technical expertise. He also teaches and mentors cyber security students at Agusta Technical College as an Adjunct Cyber Security Instructor. Brian has led... more

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