Optimize Performance for React

by Hendrik Swanepoel

React is known for its excellent performance characteristics, but you still need to be aware of common performance pitfalls and how to deal with it. This course will help you to get your React apps to be fast and efficient.

What you'll learn

React app performance can suffer due to components rendering too often. It's also common for React app bundles to end up too large and take too long to download. In this course, Optimize Performance for React, you’ll learn how to identify and address common React performance issues. First, you’ll explore how to analyze and fix wasted renders on both class and functional components. Next, you’ll see how to cache expensive operation results. Finally, you’ll learn how to reduce your app bundle size using production builds and lazy component loading. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of React performance needed to ensure that your React apps download and execute as fast as possible.

About the author

In his day job Hendrik is a full stack coder from Cape Town. For a large part of his career he worked with .NET, but the last few years he spent most of his time with JavaScript.

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