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Optimizing and Deploying a Website

by Neil Morrissey

Once you have web pages created, you want them to be hosted on the web and discoverable by search engines. This course will teach you how to host your website on the World Wide Web, and how to optimize the pages for search engines.

What you'll learn

In order to reach your audience on the World Wide Web, you need your site to be available and discoverable. In this course, Optimizing and Deploying a Website, you’ll learn to host your website on the web and how to optimize it to be discovered and indexed by search engines. First, you’ll explore how the web and internet work, what a web server is, how to find a hosting provider, and how to upload your web pages. Next, you’ll discover how search engines work and some of the ways you can optimize your site to make the pages more friendly to search engine crawlers, which can move you up the list of search results. Finally, you’ll learn how to add Google Analytics to your pages in order to gather deep insights on how your website is being used. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of web hosting and website optimization needed to make your web pages available to users around the world, and to show up in search engine results when those users search for your content.

About the author

Neil has worked on everything from early mobile .NET compact framework apps to modern Azure based web apps during his years in IT. As a developer and architect, he has focused on .NET and JavaScript application development, security, and hosting across a variety of Microsoft platforms, including ASP.NET, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM. Neil has several Microsoft Certifications, including MCPD, MCSA, and MCSD.

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