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Starting with Oracle Big Data

by Mohamad Halabi

Oracle offers a comprehensive big data platform. This course is aimed for beginners who are looking to learn about what big data architecture looks like and how such architecture is fulfilled using Oracle's big data platform.

What you'll learn

Big data is a large ecosystem that requires students to learn variety of skill sets. In this course, Starting with Oracle Big Data, you will learn the overall end-to-end big data architecture within the context of Oracle's big data platform. First, you will learn how to integrate and transform data from various sources. Next, you will discover how to manage, access, and query data. Finally, you will explore how to analyze data for insights. When you are finished with this course, you will have a foundational understanding of big data architectures and what Oracle offers in the big data space.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Course Closure

About the author

Mohamad is a solution architect, based in Sydney, currently working for MuleSoft/Salesforce. He's an 8 time Microsoft MVP, Ex-Oracle, and holds a Masters degree in Enterprise Architecture.

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