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Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL Exam Number: 1Z0-149 - Creating Functions

by Elias Fofanov

This course will teach you how to improve maintainability of PL/SQL code by using functions. You’ll learn how to create, manage, and remove them. You’ll write many functions in practice, so you’ll see all the peculiarities related to functions.

What you'll learn

Oracle by no means is one of the most popular database management systems. It's very mature, reliable and supports a great number of different features. In this course, Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL Exam Number: 1Z0-149 - Creating Functions, you will the difference between procedures and functions and when you should stick to one or another option. First, you'll explore how to create functions, avoid problems with the no data found error. Next, you'll discover how to improve the API of functions by using default values and how to improve the calling side by passing argument values by names. Finally, you’ll learn how to remove functions from a database schema. By the end of this course, you'll have advanced information of how to create functions that return tables, how to improve performance by reducing the memory footprint, and much more.

About the author

Elias began his career as a postgraduate student participating in the Microsoft ImagineCup contest. He has been working with the .NET platform since 2003. Elias has been professionally architecting and implementing software for nearly 7 years, primarily based on the .NET platform. He is passionate about building rich and powerful applications using modern technologies. Elias is a certified specialist in Windows Applications and Service Communication Applications by Microsoft and he is a former c... more

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