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Oracle Developer Essentials: Tables and Indexes

by David Berry

This course covers the essentials of creating and managing tables in your Oracle database, including naming tables, defining columns, creating constraints and granting permissions. It also covers the basics of indexes, which are essential for efficiently accessing data in your tables.

What you'll learn

This course introduces the most fundamental of data structures in an Oracle database: the table. Learn how to define tables, declare columns, define constraints on tables, important storage options you need to know about, and global temporary tables and external tables. You'll also learn about privileges and roles in Oracle, which are essential for granting appropriate permissions in your database. This course will also teach you best practices for building tables in your database, and how to create and use indexes for efficient data access.

Table of contents

About the author

David Berry is a software engineer with over 15 years of application development experience. He started developing software in Java 1.0 using an Oracle 7 backend. Making the switch to Microsoft .NET when it was released, he has worked with every version of .NET since. He has also worked with every version of Oracle since Oracle 7 and ever version of SQL Server since SQL Server 7. His experience spans a broad range of industries including semiconductors, financial services, insurance an gove... more

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