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Pandas Fundamentals

by Paweł Kordek

Quick and expressive data analysis requires good tools and knowledge of them. In this course, you'll explore the world of data science by learning core Pandas functionalities, including its IO capabilities, plotting methods, and DataFrames.

What you'll learn

As an individual working with data, from business analysts to data scientists, you desire a quick feedback loop that enables you to materialize and easily visualize your ideas. Time spent on developing and debugging programs or clicking around spreadsheets is often wasted. In this course, Pandas Fundamentals, you'll learn how to quickly read the data, perform desired analysis, and output it in a neat format along with pleasant plots. First, you'll explore data input and output. Next, you'll discover how to index and filter your data. Finally, you'll delve into how to work with groups, along with creating plots. After finishing this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to manipulate data in basic forms, and be able to utilize your time more efficiently when figuring out how to transform your data to reach the desired effect. Software required: Anaconda Python.

About the author

Paweł is a software engineer passionate about knowledge sharing. He's especially focused on processing and exploring data sets (be it big or small) and is always searching for emerging tools that will make working with data simpler in the future. Paweł is currently at Farfetch where he develops data applications and sees his favorite tools like Pandas, Kafka or ElasticSearch (just to name a few) being applied to solve complex business problems. He mostly works with JVM languages and Python, but ... more

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