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Pandas Playbook: Manipulating Data

by Reindert-Jan Ekker

Pandas is one of the most popular software packages for data analysis. This course focuses on the core functionalities of Pandas for data wrangling, teaching you how to tackle everyday tasks for a data analyst, or data scientist.

What you'll learn

Pandas is not just one of the most popular software packages for data analysis, it is also, without a doubt, the most convenient and fun way to work with your data. In this course, Pandas Playbook: Manipulating Data, you will cover the most important core functionalities of Pandas, focusing on the core functionalities of the two main Pandas classes: the DataFrame and the Series. First, you will take a look at a new dataset and try to get a feeling for it - how many rows and columns are there? What datatypes does it consist of? You will do some basic statistical exploration as well. Then, you'll focus on getting information out of your dataset. Basically, it's about asking the right questions and drilling down into your dataset. Finally, you will learn how to clean and transform your data. Here, you will see how to run Python functions against our data, including functions we write ourselves by using a very cool and powerful feature called groupby() - changing the structure of our columns and rows, and combining multiple dataframes into one. After watching this course, you will be ready for just about any data wrangling job that you might come across.

About the author

After years of working in software development, Reindert-Jan Ekker switched to teaching programmers in 2010 and never looked back. He authors Pluralsight courses and teaches classes about Python, data science, devops (among others). Even though he squeezes some development jobs in here and there, teaching is his real passion and he is looking forward to share this passion with you.

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