Payment Card Security, Processing, and the PCI Standards

by John Elliott

Billions of card payment transactions happen every day. This course explains how they work, how criminals can turn payment card transactions into money, and how the PCI Security Standards aim to stop them.

What you'll learn

There is a reason that criminals steal payment card data. It is because they can turn the stolen data into money. In this course, Payment Card Security, Processing, and the PCI Standards, you'll discover how a payment card transaction gets from the store to your statement and in the process learn about the electronic messages that move between the banks and payment card schemes. First, you'll find out how criminals turn the data into money and how the payment card industry stops them with the security standards that everyone and everything in the process has to follow. Next, you'll learn about which PCI authorized assessors and laboratories are required for an organization to validate compliance with the various PCI Security Standards. Finally, you'll explore the foundation qualification, the PCI Professional, that you may want to consider. By the end of this course, you'll understand how the payment system works and the PCI Security Standards role in protecting this data.

About the author

John Elliott is a data protection specialist. He helps organizations comply with regulations in a sensible and pragmatic way, balancing business needs, risk and regulations.

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