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PayPal Payments Integration for ASP.NET MVC

by Ben Cull

This course will teach you the latest ways to integrate with PayPal for quick and easy online payments.

What you'll learn

When integrating payments into your web application, PayPal is often the first provider that jumps into mind. Although to a new user, PayPal can be overwhelming, as you're faced with a wall of documentation, endless options, and no clear guidelines. In this course, PayPal Payments Integration for ASP.NET MVC, you'll learn how to integrate with PayPal for three key scenarios. First, you'll learn how to take a single payment. Next, you'll discover how to create an E-Commerce style solution which includes products, shipping, taxes, and all that good stuff. Finally, you'll explore how to set up recurring payments which will let you charge your customers on a recurring basis. By the end of this course, you'll have a good understanding of the REST APIs, and you'll be able to add PayPal support to your web application in a fraction of the usual time.

About the author

Ben Cull is the founder of Australian payments platform, Pinch Payments. He talks at conferences around the world about his three favorite topics: payments, Web, and beer.

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