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Penetration Testing of Identity, Authentication and Authorization Mechanism

by Prasad Salvi

Learn how you can perform web application penetration testing on a website’s Identity Management, Authentication and Authorization mechanism and help organizations view their security posture before a malicious hacker exploits them.

What you'll learn

Hackers are getting access to your sensitive data by exploiting web application vulnerabilities. In this course, Penetration Testing of Identity, Authentication and Authorization Mechanism, you will gain the ability to perform web application pentesting. First, you will learn Identity Management. Next, you will discover how to crack a websites' Authentication. Finally, you will explore how to bypass Authorization mechanism. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of web application penetration testing needed to perform different attack scenarios.

About the author

Prasad is an Application Security Consultant, a certified ethical hacker and CISA certified professional with primary focus on providing services across the Secure Development Life cycle, Application Security and Penetration Testing spectrum. He is a part time bug bounty hunter. He is a blue team expert delivering security training courses to developers and testers to make them proficient in application security and develop secure products. He has worked with major financial institutions and vou... more

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